Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Few

1. I have been able to spend some extra time with the grandkids in the last couple of weeks, and that is always fun. Last week the six-year-old was here for three days with a fever, but otherwise feeling fine; Sunday I had the one-year-old, and Tuesday the three-year-old. The picture shows the playdough we enjoyed for quite awhile on Tuesday...I was amazed at his attention span for the activities we did...AND that the playdough colors were never mixed, although they were in close proximity.

2. Have been waiting patiently for the results of my MG submissions...had a couple of results this positive. It really made my day! Of course, it was just a partial, but that is the first step, isn't it? It was not a rejection!

3. Have added something new to my schedule--tutoring...a third grade home school student whose mom wants him to learn to write AND enjoy writing, and an adult man with autism who never had the chance to learn to read when he was in school many years ago...both are doing very well and I am enjoying the process.

4. Still have not come up with an idea for my next will come, though, when the time is right. Currently I still have to revise my chapter book mystery, so that will keep me going for awhile.

5. Tomorrow (Saturday) I am participating in the First Annual Brevard Authors' Book Fair. If any of you happen to be anywhere near Cocoa, Florida, tomorrow afternoon, please stop in. There is an impressive list of participating authors.

6. Goal this week has been to get back to more regular attendance at the I am off to follow through with that. It is my second time this week, so that is one or two days better than I have been doing.

Have a great weekend...hope the weather cooperates where ever you are.

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