Thursday, December 14, 2006

Who Am I?

Who am I?
I am Judy. I am wife, a mother, a grandmother, a teacher,a writer, a photographer, and probably a lot of otherthings, too!

It took a longtime to become me. I probably am not finished with the process yet, either. Before, I felt like a no one.But through several of those "life lessons" we all go through, I have learned, and have emerged into who I am today. I am happy with the results.

Several years ago, while going through a crisis,I learned to express my thoughts and feelings through writing, and started out writing poetry. To see samples of my poetry, click here.

What do I DO?
I teach. I worked with children with special needs in grades K-2 at an inner city school. One of my main focuses, both with the children I worked with and school-wide, was character education and conflict resolution.

Now that I am retired, I write for children. In my children's books I am able to demonstrate conflict resolution and good character traits throughout my stories.
I play. I enjoy golf, nature photography and spending time with my grandchildren, among other things. For more on this, check out 'My Favorite Things."

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