Sunday, February 22, 2009

Books, parties and literacy

Not much going on here...have been thinking about a new topic for my next book, but have not come up with anything yet...I am open to suggestions, because I always have an easier time developing and writing a story if someone gives me the problem to solve. Maybe another mystery Aaron and Zeke could solve, or maybe something more mid-grade...with boy issues. Or maybe an adventure...something altogether different than I have written before.

This week has been fun...took two grandkids to the zoo and playground on Monday...the zoo had just opened a whole new area called Paws On, so we got to pet several animals, and then play in the 'lagoon'. Then yesterday we celebrated two kids' birthdays, which is always fun.

Hubby and I also attended New England Day at our park. There I was talking to the mother of a man who has autism...he does very at a grocery store, etc. and is quite verbal, but never learned to read. I am thinking that was more due to the type of special ed programs they had when he was growing up rather than having to do with his abilities...there are so many new methods of teaching now than there were thirty or thirty-five years ago when he was in school. So he, his mother, and I decided to see what we could do to help him learn to read...should prove interesting. I have not taught adults before, so if anyone has any good suggestions of materials to use, let me know.

Weather is up and down it is up...beautiful, picture-perfect day.

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