Thursday, January 1, 2009

Year in Review

Happy New Year...

I have been reflecting over the last year and have come to the conclusion we were blessed.

It started last February on Super Bowl Sunday, when my husband had a near-fatal heart attack, followed by a triple bypass, followed by some hard work, but eventual recovery and back to normal activities.

A week or so later, our latest grandchild was born--healthy, AND the first girl our family has had in a long while (following three sons and three grandsons.)

My youngest son and his wife decided to build a new house, so in September they moved, and my second son and family (father of new granddaughter) moved from Massachusetts to Florida, leasing youngest son's house until they figure out what they want. Now I have three of five grandchildren (counting the really cute step-grandson) within a half-hour's drive.

My oldest son is safely through more than half of his current tour in Iraq, home in Germany for the week with his family. We look forward to having them back in the States in July.

Awhile ago, I went back to review what I wrote last January in this blog, and found that although I did not meet the timetable for my goals, I did accomplish what I had set out to do in the first three months by the end of the year.

--I finished the revisions on my mid-grade novel in August, and sent it out to a few agents.

--I organized my poems and verses, and got them ready to send out, although I have not yet done that.

In addition:

--I wrote and sold an easy reader companion to IT'S TIME, which should be out in the's called RYAN'S VICTORY.

--I am within a half a chapter of finishing a chapter book mystery, which I will finish within a few days.

--I have done a few school visits, and look forward to doing more in the near future.

--I have remembered to take my camera more places, so have gotten some decent pictures throughout the year.

So I feel blessed and pleased to have done as much as I have this year, while going through the 'bad stuff' successfully...I look forward to an even better year in 2009!

May all of you also have a successful and blessed 2009!

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billkirkwrites said...

Hi, Judy. You can see, I'm already playing catch up in 2009. You managed to accomplish a lot last year with all the ups and downs. Glad to hear all is well after your husband's hospital visit.

It was a good year around our place overall. The milestones with my writing were finishing the full 30 days of the Poem A Day Challenge with Writer's Digest in April and getting everything in place for the release of my first picture book which happened the first week of 2009. "There's A Spider In My Sink!" is finally on the web, as they say.

Although I've given up making projections, if the planned publication schedule stays on track, there could be at least three other picture books published during 2009. Only time will tell....

New Years resolutions have tended to slip by the wayside over the years. So, I have generally resolved not the resolve anything. However, after letting my running get away from me the last few months of 2008, I have broken my own rule and resolved to renew my commitment to hitting the pavement, even if a short 2-3 miles each day.

That goal has been reachable so far, although I've had to write "run" into my planner every day as a reminder. In fact, I've decided my planner is my memory these days. Sad but true....

Best of luck with your many writing endeavors in 2009, Judy. Knowing you, there will be many success stories coming your way this year.

Bill Kirk