Friday, January 2, 2009

Moving Forward

I have been reading on many other blogs about resolutions, how to start the new year, goals, dreams and lists, and have come up with something that might work for me. Here it is.
Several people have said that what we do on New Year's Day will be what we do all year long, and also what we do to get ready for the new year will carry over. Unintentionally, I would have to say, I have set myself up pretty well, by cleaning, organizing, having good friends over to celebrate, relaxing, reading and listening to good music on New Year's Day and the days leading up to it. IF those things carry over into the new year, I will be happy.
The only thing I didn't do that I would like to do more consistently during the new year is to write.Here are some of my goals:
--Finish and revise my chapter book mystery, and get it out.
--Find an agent and/or publisher for my mid-grade novel.
--Do more school visits.
--Write additional books...after first coming up with topics...the hard part for me.
--Continue to develop and improve my website.
--Learn more about the finer points of my camera and develop my skills in nature photography.
I also have a few dreams, one of which I will share:
I would like to see a marked increase in the presence of my book KNOWING JOSEPH in public libraries and schools, or otherwise in the hands of kids...then it just might help someone in some way.
We'll take it day by day and see what happens.

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