Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Meanderings

I love looking at the lacy Spanish moss that hangs from the trees around makes me want to DO something with it.

FINALLY--I have come to an agreement with my Jason and Nordic editor regarding the name of my character. The book started out as Russell's Victory, but then dear editor said I needed to change it because of a series of Russell books about a boy with Down Syndrome. So we started the process and it seemed to take forever. Each of us had a reason not to use certain names...I KNEW it had to have at least two syllables. I was looking at how the name 'flowed;' she was looking for non-trendy names that were not part of other titles. After about three weeks of going back and forth, we finally agreed upon my new book is now Ryan's Victory.

Today was the first Monday I have not worked in the Park library, and it was really nice not to have anything in particular scheduled today. On most days I have some sort of commitment for at least half the day. I will have again on Monday in a month or so when I start volunteering at my grandson's school, but for now it is nice to just stay home and enjoy. I actually got a lot done...have the schedule just about set for the SCWG conference coming up in January, and that is good. Just have a few more speaking slots to fill. Also got to go to the gym with my husband today instead of going separately.

Now, of course, it is time to go write...haven't gotten to that yet today, but I still have an hour and a half before bedtime!

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