Thursday, September 25, 2008

Week in Review

Picture of the week: This snake was curled up beside the dirt road we were traveling on through the Everglades several years back. I probably got a lot closer to it than I should have...but it never moved... I think it might be a brown water snake, although I am not sure.

Check out kmessner 's blog for a contest that ends on Friday. The book, the Silent One, is awesome and a must-have for teachers, especially.

Writing has been on again, off again this week, although I am through chapter 12 and have only three or four more to go...I think. I am one that never knows exactly until I get there. I know where I am going, but sometimes it takes longer to arrive than I had originally thought.

My middle son moved here last Friday from Massachusetts, so now I have two of three sons here, and three grandchildren. One is just over two, and the other seven months...a lot different than the six-year-old already here. Will have to revive all those 'baby care skills all over again...starting with babyproofing my house.

Guess I had better get to it...

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