Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Snippets

I have been writing about caterpillars and chrysalises and butterflies in my current WIP mystery. Aaron, one of my MC's, is very involved with the process and can tell you anything you want to know about it. In looking for a photo for this post, I found this one, and am wondering what kind of caterpillar was nibbling on THESE leaves.

This weekend, my son and his family moved from one house to another about three miles down the road. That meant we got to have grandson O. for a sleepover. What a voracious reader he is! He read for the whole time we were here, except for about a half hour, when he played computer. He only stopped when we went out to piano lesson and dinner, and then was right back at it again.

On Thursday I went to our local police station to get fingerprinted so I can be a school volunteer at O's school this year. What a lovely experience...had to wait over an hour to get fingerprinted, and then had to PAY for it, all so I can volunteer. It is good that they check people out, but...

Have continued to write regularly on my WIP mystery. The kids ALMOST have the mystery solved now. Sent the first two chapters off to my son to critique, because I want to be sure my MC, who has autism, is authentic and not a stereotype. He gave me several good suggestions, so I have a direction when I get to editing. But that is good...and I will get to it as soon as I finish the story, which should be within a couple of weeks.

After several days of concern over the path of Ike, I think we are out of the woods here in Eastern Florida. We had a little rain from Hannah, so we have been lucky on two counts this week. Thoughts are with any of you who are in Ike's path, and who have had problems from Hannah, too.

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