Friday, July 4, 2008

A Few Things for Friday

This has been a busy week here in my hometown in Florida.
1. My daughter-in-law and two grandsons came to visit from Germany, by way of Georgia, where they are spending the summer. They and another son's family had fun going to the pool, to the zoo, and to Kennedy Space Center...not bad, considering they were only here for four days.
2. Over at Live Journal, Cindy Lord issued a challenge to post a photo a day of our home towns, so since I like to take photos, I took that on...had fun running around town and my neighborhood, taking photos of all the interesting (or not so interesting) things I could. If you want to see pictures of where I live, check out my LJ blog, which is USUALLY the same as this one. Here is a sample:

Harbor at Crane Creek, Downtown Melbourne
3. Also, Jo Knowles invited all her friends to participate with her in the 15-a-day challenge, where we are to write for fifteen minutes a day for a month, created by halseanderson. I have joined that, and am doing okay, so far.

4. Because of the challenge, I finished the first draft of RUSSELL'S VICTORY, an easy reader companion book to IT'S TIME. I sent it off to my editor, and am now reworking the beginning of it.

5. Also, I have gotten quite a bit done on my MG WIP, so the challenge has done well in motivating me to actually sit down and work.

6. We're heading out next week for a wedding in PA, so still need to do a little shopping to see if I can find a new sundress to wear.

Hope you all have a Happy Independence Day!


PJ Hoover said...

A new sundress for the wedding sounds nice. And so does getting a lot done on your WIP!
Happy Fourth to you!

Judy said...

Right! I have been looking at sundresses for two years, now, but could never justify getting one. That, and the fact that I get cold so easily that a sundress is not really practical for me. But I decided that I will just have to get a light jacket to go with it.

Loved your Friday Five pictures... will have to try that some week, since I love taking pictures so much.