Monday, July 14, 2008

What's Been Happening

I have decided that since I like to take photos as much or more than I like to write, that I would post a favorite here each time I post. This is one of my all-time favorite pictures I have taken.

We (my cousin and I) were driving Loop Road in the Everglades when we saw a man stopped and taking pictures alongside the road. We stopped to see what was so interesting and this is what we found.

A few things for today:

Hubby and I have been traveling since last Wednesday...from Florida to Pennsylvania for a wedding, and we are now on our way back. We travel a few hours, play golf for four hours, and then travel some more, so it takes us an extra day or two to get where we are going. We are currently in Charlottesville, VA, and were supposed to be playing golf ten minutes from now, but that is not happening. Hubby is currently sitting in the repair shop waiting for the mechanics to make a diagnosis on our sick car, which yesterday developed a very loud knocking in the that is so bad that we are not sure will make it home without blowing up all over the road. So we will stay here until we find out.

I am not doing so well with my WFMAD (write fifteen minutes a day) goal issued over at LiveJournal right now...have only written one of the last four days...a poem, or story in verse, or whatever you want to call it, about Scrambled Eggs. I find it very difficult to sit in the same room with the TV on at night and focus on writing...or even if the TV is not on, my mind it not into it after traveling all day. So I will get back to it when I get home.

I HAVE been taking a lot of photos, however--mostly of family at the wedding activities, but a few on golf courses. The first day we saw a mother raccoon and her two babies, but I had forgotten my camera in the car, so did not get them. On the second day we saw a deer at the edge of the woods, but by the time I picked up my camera and got the lense cap off, it was gone...I think. Will have to wait until I get home to see if I caught part of it as it reentered the woods.

Hope everyone out there is having a great and productive summer, and meeting all YOUR goals.

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PJ Hoover said...

Sounds like you're having an adventure!

It's been a great summer here so far, and I LOVE your photo! Have fun :)