Saturday, May 3, 2008


Today I was scheduled to do a Book Talk at the Book Xchg in Cocoa village, sponsored by the Space Coast Writers' Guild. Rich and Angie had a nice area set up for us with a table (and even a podium) and several chairs, and coffee and cookies to feed us.

But no one showed on NOT in our SCWG membership, that is. We did have support from our own members, though, and had a good time. I particularly liked it because it gave me a chance to practice a new presentation, and to talk to a group without notes. It actually went pretty well, I think, so I might try it again. Am not sure I will go without notes if it is any longer than ten minutes, but WILL be able to plan some new presentations. They SAY practice makes perfect!

There were two other presenters, too...Diane Carr, with a book for children, River Dragon, and Andy Byer with an adult book, The IMperfect Spy.

All in all, a fun afternoon, and thanks Rich and Angie, for having us.

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