Friday, May 9, 2008

Last Visit

Each month since January I have been visiting the Rockledge Montessori School and doing a 'writing' lesson with about ten four-and five-year olds. Surprisingly enough, most of them can write a full sentence very legibly, too.First I read a story or poem on the chosen subject of the day, and we discuss it, and our ideas about what we could write on the same subject. Then I hand out three-page 'books' with story paper in them and the kids go to work writing and illustrating their stories for 20-30 minutes. That is followed by making a related craft. Last month I read two of my own unpublished a story in verse, and the other, a companion non-fiction about Bluegills. Then we made stuffed fish out of brown paper.

Wednesday will be my last visit to this school, because my grandson will be graduating and moving on to first grade in a new school next year. The subject of the day will be cave men or prehistoric man. I have found a book or two that will be suitable, but am having some difficulty coming up with a related craft. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

On another note, I have been working on some marketing strategies--mostly handing out invitations to my book release celebration that I will be having on May 18th...if anyone lives in central Florida and would like to come, contact me and I will give you the details. Have also been working on adding to my website. I wanted to start over, but for now, I have decided just to upgrade the one I have. Check it out at I am open to suggestions for improvement

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