Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year, New Goals

Happy new year to all! May your year be full of accomplished goals, and much happiness, productivity, and all else that is important to you.

I'm not one for 'making resolutions' as such, and year-long goals tend to get put off. Over at the Space Lord's site, I read about the value of setting quarterly goals for people such as me who tend not to deal with long-time goals, so I am taking that suggestion and using it. My goals for the first three months of the year include finishing the editing of my WIP and submitting it, and also pulling together and organizing all my poems and verses and deciding what needs to be done with them. Am thinking they may also need to be submitted, but the question is whether a few should go out separately as picture books, or if they should go as a collection. Will have to research and ponder there.

Other than that, I am sure I will stay busy with my other activities--attending a couple of conferences, running a couple of golf tournaments, spending time at my grandson's preschool doing 'writing' activities with them, etc.

My grandson came for his weekly visit today--he was very excited because there is 'the possibility of snow' tomorrow, and he is so looking forward to going out and having a snowball fight. Now, in case you don't know or remember...I live in Florida...and O. is right about the possibility of flurries. Not a good thing in my mind, but it would be rather interesting seeing snow down here.

Another thing I will be working on in the next three months...consistency with exercising. Have been doing pretty well at going to aerobics twice a week, and since Christmas, have started yoga at home on another two or three days a week. That has made a difference in how I feel already...maybe that will be enough motivation for me to keep it up longer than I usually do.

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