Thursday, January 17, 2008

ARCs Arrived--Getting Closer!

Yesterday a box of ARCs for KNOWING JOSEPH arrived at my door...and they look great. But even better, my publisher said there will be a different cover on the actual books when they come out, and it is SO much better than the one above, and even better than the one on the ARCs. Here it is.

I have a couple of ARCs to give away to people who are interested in doing a review of it. If there are several, I'll do a drawing. You can read more about the book at my website, .
Other than that, I am busy preparing for two conferences in the next two weekends. The first, SCBWI-FL, is in Miami, and I will be speaking as part of the First Books panel--SOOO glad I have my ARCs so I will have something to show. The following weekend is the Space Coast Writers' Guild conference at Cocoa Beach, of which I am the conference coordinator. Have been really busy pulling together all the last minute details on that. It's fun, though, to be able to talk to so many great authors, editors, and agents in person in the process of setting it up.


gabe said...

congrats, Judy!
the cover looks great and I'm so happy for you for your contacts, and for your having a box of books to hold!
All the best,

Judy said...

Thanks, Gabe. It IS nice, after almost three years. And it's also nice to know that at least one person is reading my blog.