Monday, November 26, 2007

Another Week

I seem to have missed the Friday post I promised, but really had nothing to report. We had Thanksgiving yesterday, so Thursday we spent a leisurely day on the golf course, and then cooked steak on the grill for dinner to celebrate our 43rd anniversary that we DIDN'T get to celebrate last Wednesday. I even had one of my better rounds, breaking ninety, which is a very infrequent thing for me.

Am still working on stuck for a day or so this week, because I couldn't make up my mind if I want to stick with the first version, or to go in another direction completely, which will involve writing several new chapters and dumping the many of the old ones. A hard thing to do, especially when some of them are quite good--or maybe I should say I am quite attached to them, but they definitely would not fit into my 'new version.' I think I have decided to go in the new ties various parts together better, and cuts down on the great number of characters needed to send the MC from one environment to a totally different one. So progress is being made.

On Wednesday I had fun making a 'Thanksgiving craft' with my grandson, which started with going into the woods in search of brown pine cones. We found quite a few old weathered grey ones, but not too many brown ones, so it is a good thing I had some good ones from the craft store to back up our efforts. We made turkeys from pine cones and colored pipe cleaners, although O. insisted I call them by their correct name--chenille (whatever), which he read off the package. We stuck name tags on a post in each one to be used as place markers on Thanksgiving Day at his house. Today he was going to take one for show and tell at school. And now we can start on Christmas craft projects, since he likes to do a project each week.

I have just returned from our monthly Children's Writers' Club, where our presenter talked about the availability of grants for writers, and gave us several good websites for them...if anyone is interested in obtaining such a grant, let me know, and I'll send you the websites she gave us.

Have a good week, and have fun preparing for the holiday season.

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