Monday, November 19, 2007

This and that...

Guess I'll stick with the plan and list five for Friday, although not much has been going on.

1.The weather is finally 'cool' in Florida...down in the forties last night, and only into the sixties today. Very nice for outside activities during the day. I know that is nothing like much of the rest of the country has, but for me, who is cold if it goes below 80, it is cold enough.

2. I have scrapped several chapters of my WIP and am rewriting a whole section of the book. I think it is going well, and will test it out on my crit group in a few days.

3. I have been enjoying the
Robert's Snow Cure for Cancer artist interviews on several websites. Check out the artists' snowflakes for the upcoming auction.

4. Plans for the
Space Coast Writers' Guild annual Pen-to-Print V conference are progressing nicely. This week I have been following up with the agents, editors and authors who will be presenting to take care of any final details. I have enjoyed setting the conference up with so many great presenters.

5. I started my Christmas shopping today by ordering a magazine subscription for my grandson with autism. He really loves non-fiction, so the Kids Discover magazine seemed like the perfect gift for a kid who doesn't really like or use many things. Am hoping I can find a good magazine for my 12-year old grandson, too. Any suggestions?

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