Saturday, May 12, 2007

Planning ahead...

Recently in my BTPP (Blooming Tree Press Promotion) group, which consists of authors whose books have been been or will be published by BTP (probably something you could have figured out yourself), there has been an ongoing discussion about attending the Texas Library Association (TLA) convention in Dallas next April. Seems we are trying to come up with a theme that covers all our books, so we can sign up as presenters on a easy task.

I've agreed to first official 'author event' at this point. Hope it works out for us!

We have arrived home safely, after going through a long and slow detour because about fifty miles of I-10 was closed due to the very thick smoke drifting down from Georgia and the Florida border. We ended up going over Rt. 90, where things got worse at the intersection of I-75, because they had closed that road down, too, and a lot of people from there were merging into the road we were on. That's when we decided to head south instead of continue east. It was worth the price of the tolls to avoid the long slow detour. Felt bad for the people on I-75 north...there was a seven-mile back-up, a virtual parking lot. One family we met before heading south said it took them two hours to go four miles.

The first thing I did when arriving home was to print out my copy-edit, so I can mark the changes and hopefully get it into the mail by Monday. Didn't get far, though...kept falling asleep.

Oh well, tomorrow is another day. Off to bed tonight.


tkmess said...

Hi Judy ~ What about an authors' presentation on literature circles for your Blooming Tree Press group? Are all of the titles books that could be good selections for a student book club? That's something that our middle school library has been working to acquire lately - sets of 5-10 copies for teachers to sign out for lit circles with kids. You could recommend yours, as well as other good lit circles titles and offer guides for student discussion, web links, etc. It's a thought anyway - one that might allow you to tie together a handful of seemingly unrelated titles.

Glad you made it safely home through the smoke. I thought of you when I saw the fires on the news the other night.


Judy said...

Thanks, Kate...that sounds like a good idea. I'll suggest it to our group.