Monday, May 14, 2007

It's in the Mail

Got through most of Knowing Joseph last night, and was amazed at how many more errors I found...including missing quotes and a random word that made NO sense at all (like the word 'the' just before a verb...must have been something I had deleted, but missed part of it.) It only took me three read-throughs to catch it. I guess it's hard to edit our own work...we are so familiar with it, we read it like we KNOW it should be and just skip over those extra words and missing punctuation marks.

It's the same when I edit the final copy of the Literary Liftoff magazine that I work on. Never fails...four or five people do the final edit...we all find different things, and then we have it printed. THEN we find several more things we missed...and they seem so obvious once we see them...we can't imagine HOW we could have missed them during the several times we go through the magazine.

I hope that does not happen with my book.

Anyway, I finished it up this morning, packed it up, and took it to the post office. Of course, today was the day the postage went up...leave it to me to not get it there before that happened!

Quiet day actually was cloudy and rainy all day...not something we have seen enough of down here in Florida lately. I liked it, though...I work in our park library on Monday afternoons, and I had more 'customers' today than I have had for the last two months combined. Makes the time more enjoyable when people come in.

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Mayra Calvani said...

Dear Judy,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Actually, hearing voices in your head and actually sitty down are two totally different things. each day I struggle to sit down and write! Nice blog, by the way! You deserve a good rest after all that editing. :-)