Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer Update.

Seems summer is almost starts here in Florida in less than two weeks. That just does not seem right! Glad I am not still teaching!

Have been busy enough in the last two months. My son and family came home from Germany on their way to Colorado, their new home for the next two years, and we enjoyed visiting with them. WE had my younger grandson for three weeks while parents flew back to Germany to finish up what they had to there, and that was good. We had a good time most of the time, but with the autism, we also had a few challenges we worked through. All in all, I was pleased with M's behavior...he has come a long way. Daily swimming and biking were things we all looked forward to. Also took a couple of trips to the zoo, and numerous library visits, one of M's favorite things to do.

Another thing I worked on this summer was writing an article about grandparenting, to be included in an anthology for new and not-so-new grandparents by Nightengale Press . Just had a note from my publisher saying the book was ready for ordering and should be on Amazon, etc. in the next week or two. Can hardly wait to receive my copies!
Received the cover of my new easy-reader, too...which will be out in September through Jason and Nordic Publishers. RYAN'S VICTORY is the story of Ryan, who has autism, but figures out how to communicate his wishes to his parents in spite of his inability to speak.
Other than that, not a lot has happened---golf two or three times a week (some good, some bad); son's wedding on Saturday, planning a trip to Colorado for September.
Only thing I have not done is to be diligent about sending out the two books I have completed and edited. Guess I will have to put that on my fall 'to do' list.

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