Saturday, November 15, 2008

In case you are wondering...

This is NOT the moon!

This is the shuttle seconds after launch, as viewed from the street in front of my house last evening. It had just come up over the horizon and into our view...we live about fifty miles south of the launch site. It was a clear night and our view was spectacular, considering we were so far away. We followed it for much longer than we can usually follow such launches.To compare, here is a photo of the full moon, off to the right of the shuttle path.

Here are a few more as the shuttle traveled across the sky.

In other news, today I participated in a Family Health Fair, with a table about 'Promoting Understanding of Autism through Literature. I displayed several books I found in our county library system, and had a handout for those interested. I got to talk with several children, as well as making connections with a few adults, and when I pointed out RULES by
cynthialord , and told them it was a Sunshine book, most told me it was already in their classroom.

If anyone is interested in seeing that list of books, let me know and I will send it to you.


Suzanne said...

Already have my students reading Rules as it's a Sunshine Book. I'll e-mail you for the other list of books. Thanks!

Judy said...

Great, Suzanne. I could not find your blog, and could not find my email address on MY blog. Check out my website at for contact info, or email me at jmammaywrites AT