Friday, August 1, 2008

Few for Friday

1. I have finally returned from an extra (unscheduled) ten days added to my four-day vacation to PA. It took that long to fix my car in VA, but we had a very nice visit with my cousin 250 miles south. My car's engine is fixed.

2. I no longer have that car...we bought a new one as soon as we arrived home. We had planned on trading it in anyway...just did it a little quicker.

3. I have been having fun playing with my camera. The above picture is one of many I took while in NC. I took many nature shots in addition to the great number of wedding pictures.

4. I am finally getting caught up with crits I need to get out, bookkeeping, mail, etc. and plan to get back to writing today. I worked on my WIP some while away, and think I have finally hit upon the order in which I want to put the revisions together.

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