Sunday, May 25, 2008

First Official School Visit

Yesterday I had my first official school visit since KNOWING JOSEPH came out, and it was fun. I made a powerpoint presentation, which I have not done in YEARS (surprised I could still figure it out) and presented to a sixth grade for their career day...on being a writer, of course. They asked some really good questions, more about their writing than the career aspect of it. One boy said that he heard that no one can EVER make their writing perfect, and did I agree with that? And of course I do--I could go back through Joseph now, and make MANY changes that I think would make it better...I have learned so much about writing between the time I finished it four years ago and now.

Thanks, Mrs. Dodd, for inviting me.

I also visited Ms. Troxle's fourth grade class and talked about "Show, don't tell," in writing. We didn't have very much time, so I didn't get to finish the whole presentation, but hopefully they got something out of it. I enjoyed being back in the classroom, anyway.

Then later that afternoon I ran into (literally) another teacher from Palm Bay in a parking lot...a preschool special needs teacher...and we had a very nice conversation about autism and teaching, etc., while waiting for the policeman to arrive to fill out an accident report.So mostly it was a good day...but not completely.

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