Saturday, August 25, 2007

Moving Along

It is such a relief to have finally completed my WIP...but now the hard work begins... made easier, of course, by my awesome online critique group. One of the reason it took so long to write, is because I was not happy with the ending I had in mind. Finally, I wrote it anyway, and now I can see WHY I don't like it, and where the changes need to be made. It is so much clearer, once the whole story is down on paper.

So now I am in the middle of deleting whole chapters, writing new ones, and moving some chapters or parts of chapters around. I don't remember having to do that as much with my first book, but I guess every book is different, and I really knew what the first one was about from the beginning.

The other thing I have been doing is working with the speakers for our
Space Coast Writers' Guild's (SCWG) January conference. It's fun to write back and forth with all our speakers and get things set really looking forward to the conference...AND to the SCBWI-FL conference, also in January, where I will be on the First Books panel.

Last, but not least, hubby and I are going on a trip to Germany for two and a half weeks in September, to visit my son and family who are there courtesy the US ARMY, and to see some of the surrounding countryside. We were there twelve years ago, and I could not get over some of the castles. 'This is a relatively new/young castle,' the guide says...'built in the 1300's.' Our whole COUNTRY isn't that old!

Oh, and I have a new release date for Knowing February.

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