Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Weekly (sort of) Update

Not much happening around here, but DO have some good news. Just got an email from my editor over at Blooming Tree Press, saying the edits on KNOWING JOSEPH are completed and the book will be going to the printer by the end of the week. AND that it is still on schedule for an October release. I am delighted! It's been a long wait, but the end is finally in sight.

The other good thing is that I have almost finished my next mg--finally! Just one more chapter to go before starting the rewrite.

In other news, we are taking a flying trip to New England this weekend--a funeral in Vermont on Saturday, a wedding in Massachusetts on Sunday, and somewhere in between we are going to connect with my son somewhere else in Massachusetts to meet his new girlfriend.

Have been reading Mother Reader's blog about her review of The Secret...wish our library had it available. Might have to get it at the bookstore...good stuff--all that positive thinking...I believe it really does help!

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