Saturday, June 30, 2007


Guess if I am going to do journaling, I really should update it once in awhile...
Let's see...what is new here...not much. Last Saturday, I went to Walk for Autism and had a booth for my book and all the books from my publisher...only sold five books, but handed out over sixty brochure/flyer packs about the book and the school visit programs I can do, so will be interesting to see if anything comes from that. Anyway, I enjoyed talking to the people who stopped by...several teachers, as well as parents, counselors, etc.

Final copyedit of my JOSEPH book is done. Was reading about Cynthia Lord getting the Schneider Award for her book RULES, which is also about autism, but from a girl's point of view...congratulations, Cindy, and for your other awards, too. Guess I'll have to look into finding out how one gets nominated for the Schneider books seem to fit the criteria.

Have actually done some writing this week...think I finally have the ending to my book figured out, so now just have to get it onto paper. It helps to know where it's going...makes it easier to sit down and work on it.

Have been enjoying grandson, O., who is five. I pick him up from school now on the days he comes because Mom is in school. O likes to share his knowledge with DO YOU KNOW statements. One of my favorites is 'DO YOU KNOW that maple syrup is made of SAP?' 'Yes, I DO know that,' I answer, 'and what kind of tree does the sap come from?'
He thought for a minute, and then answered...'A palm tree.'
'No, maple syrup comes from a maple tree.'
'OH, and CHOCOLATE syrup comes from a ...'
'Cocoa beans,' I said, before he could answer, because he hates being wrong.

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