Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Five

I haven't tried this before, and am not sure I can come up with five things, but....

1. On Monday, I was interviewed live on radio...mostly about Space Coast Writers' Guild and writing, but got to talk a little about my books, too. Am not sure I did that well, but what is, is. Mark Pence of WMEL, the host, was delightful, and I enjoyed myself in spite of stumbling over my words occasionally. I tried taking his picture but the batteries in my camera died. I DID get one in the waiting room, though...lots of old-time radios on display.

2. KNOWING JOSEPH visited a school in Bennington, Vermont this week. My cousin, Ann Smith, did two presentations there, using a Power Point presentation I had sent her. She said it went well, although each session was very different.

3. We have my grandson for five days, so I am getting to do a lot of 6-year-old things. We swim and golf and ride bikes and go to the library and the park. It's fun. AND I always learn so much... O loves to read non-fiction and is always amazing me with some sort of new facts that I knew nothing about.

4. It seems that Knowing Joseph is back-ordered at Amazon and other places. I guess the best way to get a copy now is directly through Blooming Tree Press

5. I actually played "good golf" yesterday, for me, that is.

Happy fathers' day to all the fathers out there!


PJ Hoover said...

My 7 year old loves non-fiction which is so amazing to me. But NF has come a long way since I was young.

Have a great weekend!

Judy said...

I think it is just great that they READ at their ages. O. also likes the poetry books...Silverstein, etc.