Monday, June 4, 2007

WOW! Lots of things are happening!

NOW I am getting excited about my book! It's taken awhile, but things are beginning to happen. First, I had been sending emails to Autism Societies to tell them about my book. A few have written back requesting a copy for review, but on Friday, the one in Orlando wrote and asked if I would like a vendor's booth at their Walk for publisher was nice enough to pay the fee, so I am going to that...with over a thousand people expected in attendance...all somehow related to or with an interest in autism.

Then today, I received my first book review... at Mayra's Secret Bookcase and she is posting it and/or sending it to a number of other places too.

Thought maybe I would make a list of workshops and school visit programs I can do to take with me to Orlando.

AND today I also got copies of the hard cover edition...I am impressed!

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Todd-Michael St. Pierre said...

Congratulations Judy on all of the exciting things happening with Knowing Joseph!