Monday, April 30, 2007

Block is gone!

I'm so excited today that I finally was able to sit down and WRITE something on my MG WIP that I decided I should start a blog just to keep me writing. Thanks to Mayra Calvani for her blog on WRITER'S BLOCK and to a couple of 'friends' I've met over on, I'm beginning to get back in the groove, I think.

You'd think I would have done this earlier...the MS has been sitting here almost completed for over a year, or maybe two, until November, when I wrote half of the last chapters, just because I was limited by surgery for several weeks and figured I needed something to do. Then I got stuck again. Now that I am unstuck, hopefully I'll have it completed within the month and ready for revision.

As far as my other two books, progress is being made. I have the copyedits for IT'S TIME, but without the illustrations, and a brochure from Jason and Nordic Press with my book on the outside cover...just need to decide where to distribute them now...any suggestions? The book is scheduled to come out in June, I think...or maybe it's July.

Had a note from my editor last week saying that the copyedit for KNOWING JOSEPH would be in the mail by the end of the week, so am anxiously watching my mailbox for that. One step closer...still hard to believe it's actually going to happen after all this time...

Don't know how frequently I'll actually get to write on this blog, but will try to be somewhat regular...have enjoyed reading so many of the other blogs.

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